Fair Usage Policy for Power Features

Veeqo offers sellers a range of Power Features in addition to our shipping functionality. Our Power Features include inventory control, picking with a mobile device, and multichannel reporting. You will have the ability to activate Power Features within Veeqo which are subject to this FUP. Power Features are free to activate and Veeqo always remains free, even if Power Features are disabled in accordance with this FUP.

Why does Veeqo have a Fair Usage Policy for Power Features? 

Veeqo benefits from referring sellers to shipping carriers. Veeqo passes this benefit back to our sellers in the form of giving sellers Veeqo for free. If sellers just used our Power Features and didn’t ship orders with Veeqo we’d be unable to pass this benefit back to our sellers.

What is our Fair Usage Policy for Power Features? 

Sellers need to ship at least 50% of their online orders synced to Veeqo, excluding FBA and Retail POS orders, on a monthly basis with a shipping label purchased within Veeqo, either using our shipping rates or your own carrier rates.

When you first enable Power Features, you will have an initial 3 month period to reach 50% of labels purchased in Veeqo before we review your usage. For example, if you activate on 1 January, we will start reviewing your usage on 1 April.

Following the initial 3 month period, if you purchase under 50% of labels in Veeqo for that calendar month, a 1 month notice period will start. If 50% of labels purchased is still not met after this 1 month notice period, you will have 2 weeks until Power Feature access is disabled. If 50% usage is met within this notice period, your notice period will then reset back to the default 1 month and you may continue using Power Features.

Veeqo’s Power Features are subject to this FUP. This FUP for Power Features does not apply to sellers that have not activated Power Features within Veeqo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if a seller does not buy at least 50% of their labels in Veeqo? Access to the optional Power Features will be disabled within 2 weeks following Veeqo’s 1 month notice, however, the seller will always have access to Veeqo’s shipping functionality.

2. Will I be charged for using Veeqo or Veeqo’s Power Features? You will never be charged for using Veeqo. Veeqo always remains free, even if Power Features are disabled.

3. What does it mean that FBA and Retail POS are excluded from the 50% of shipping labels purchased in Veeqo? FBA and POS orders do not count towards the 50% of shipping labels purchased in Veeqo. For example, if you sync 100 orders to Veeqo in a calendar month and 20 are FBA orders and 30 are from Retail POS, then in order to meet this FUP, 50% of the 50 remaining orders must have a label bought for them in Veeqo.

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