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Track inventory changes across stores and locations

Efficiently manage your locations by tracking, receiving, transferring and reconciling stock in one place.

Multichannel Inventory Management
Stock transfer for inventory control software, a screenshot breaking down how Veeqo transfers stock.

Transfer and track stock across multiple warehouse locations

Transfer stock to other locations and track what's available after sales, purchase orders, location transfers, and inventory counts are taken into consideration.

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Save precise bin locations across all your warehouses

Save bin locations across all your locations and get an optimized route around the warehouse floor when picking orders with our Veeqo picking app or Veeqo Scanner.

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Bin Locations in Veeqo

Receive POs and reconcile accounts in one place

Raise and create POs in Veeqo and receive and reconcile goods when they are delivered from your supplier, so you can:

  • Manage supplier relationships and outstanding purchase orders

  • Reconcile received goods with supplier invoices

  • Coordinate with accounting teams for payment

  • Maintain accurate inventory levels for each product in every location

  • Manage the location receiving process all in Veeqo

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Book new stock in when it arrives

Use the Veeqo Scanner to scan and receive your items when they arrive.

Your stock levels will update on all your stores right away and you'll also be able to easily see if the supplier has missed any items out from your Purchase Order.

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Keep your team & customers up to date with incoming stock

Track incoming stock in Veeqo so your team and customers know when products are ready to be reconciled and dispatched.

See the number of units that you have ordered from suppliers (through POs) and total incoming units from your suppliers and stock transfers.

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